American giant tech company Apple has launched several of its services and projections during a major event held at Steve Jobs Theater, located in Copernican, California. It is mainly including credit cards, Apple TV Plus, and Apple News Plus. To take advantage of the services launched by the company, consumers have to bear the prescribed fee.

Apple has launched several Services and Products

News Plus Service

More than 300 magazines will be available on the News Plus service launched by Apple, which can read all the world’s news stories. Apple News Service will be free for the first month, while its full service will cost $ 9.99 per month.

Image Credit: CNBC

The option of family sharing will also be available. According to the information, this service has been launched in English and French in the United States and Canada while this will be launched in Europe and Australia also.

Apple Pay

It is said that the company has set a target of 10 billion transactions on Apple this year. According to Tim Cook, Chief Executive Officer of the company, 70 percent of merchants using Apple Pay are from America while others are from Canada, the UK, and Australia. According to the company, this service will be available in 40 countries this year.

Image Credit: CNet

Apple card

Apple card users launched by the company will not have to pay any money with security, rewards, low interstate rates. iPhone users can take advantage of this service by signing up for their phones. It will appear in the wallet. Apple cards can be used where Apple is available.

Apple card Image Credit: TheVerge

It is said that the Wallet app has been redesigned so that users can trace balance and due payments. Daily cache feature is also edited in the Wallet app. To pay the bill from Apple Pay, two percent cashback will be available, while those shopping at Apple stores will get a daily cashback of up to 3 percent. There will be no hassle of late fees.

Apart from this, after the passage of the year, no charge will be taken, and neither international nor over limit fees will be charged. Not only this, there should be no penalty interest. Goldman Sachs has issued it. Additionally, Apple is working with MasterCard to increase its payment network. Each device will have its separate card number. It will have a secure Apple chip in which the information will be saved.

Every purchase will be certified by Touch ID or Face ID. Just like Apple’s policy, Goldman Sachs will not share any information with third parties. Tell us that the Apple card will be made of titanium, which neither requires a security code nor a signature nor is it also a risk to exposure. This information will be in the Wallet app. According to the report received, the Apple card will be launched in summer this summer.

Games Apps

According to the company, there are three lakh games on the Games app, which includes both Free and Paid. The number of people who download games from the app store is told in billion.

Games Apps Credit:Techcrunch

Apple Arcade

The company, launched by Apple Arcade, is a sports subscription service, with the help of mobile, desktop and Apple TV, games can be played. Apple has been working on it with a lot of app developers. The arcade’s direct purpose is to give exposure to premium games. This will be a subscription-based service that will have 100 new and exclusive games.

Credit: Apple

It is said that Apple Arcade will have a separate tab in the app store. From where the user has left the game, the other device will also be able to play the same game. With this, offline playback option will also be given. There will be no AIDS or need to pay money separately. With this, parents will be able to control the time of children playing games. It will also be given a choice of family sharing, but it will have to pay a monthly fee. Apple Arcade will be launched in more than 150 countries. However, there is no detailed information regarding its price at the moment.

Apple TV Channels

It only needs to pay the money you want to see. Along with it, there will also be an option for ad-free. The content can be viewed on both the online and offline platforms at the same time. HBO, Showtime, Starz, CBS, and others will get an Asha in Apple TV Channels. Here iTunes and the original Apple content will also be seen. The Apple TV app will be introduced in Mac by the end of this year. Let’s say that Apple TV app will also be seen in Samsung, LG, Sony, and other smart TVs. This facility will be available in more than 100 countries this year.

Apple TV Channels

Apple TV Plus

Also, tell that the company has also launched Apple TV Plus. On this new streaming service, you can see many types of TV shows. Under this service, Apple will present original content. It is said that partnership with Hollywood legendary filmmaker Steven Spielberg has also been done. Let Steven Spielberg be present during this event.

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